Chemical Initiatives' Plants

Umbogintwini Plant

Situated south of Durban, South Africa, the Umbogintwini Plant is the production centre of Chemical Initiatives' business and the home of South African sulphuric acid production since 1908. The plant, which has a nameplate capacity of 500 tons of sulphuric acid per day, is a double-absorption four-pass convertor plant. This plant is also configured into integrated production plants that allow it to produce high-quality sulphur trioxide, sulphur dioxide, aluminium sulphate and plant nutrient sulphur.

The current Umbogintwini facility is committed to the highest standards on operations, emissions and the environment and is proud to have ISO 9002 / 2000, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 accreditations.


Chamdor Plant

The Chamdor plant was established in the late 1950s by Hoechst South Africa and is situated west of Johannesburg, near Krugersdorp. The polyphosphoric acid plant was commissioned in 1982 and is situated on a section of the site now owned by AECI. The plant is supported by a comprehensive infrastructure which includes five warehouses, bulk storage tanks, decanting and filling facilities, a QC laboratory and engineering workshop, in addition to the administration offices, meeting room and staff change rooms.

In-house utilities include a steam boiler and a diesel generator capable of supplying the total needs of the plant in the event of an electrical power failure. The facility has been fully maintained and continuously upgraded over the past three decades, to the extent that the manufacturing process is now fully automated, with the Siemens PLC upgraded to the latest specification in 2011.

Polyphosphoric acid concentration is customised for a number of end users, both locally and abroad. Concentrations up to a maximum of 118% H3PO4 can be produced, with normal requirements falling between 105% and 116% H3PO4. The finished product is available in bulk as well as 40kg and 335kg plastic drums.

A quantity of polyphosphoric acid is diluted to 65%, 75%, 80% and 85% concentration and further purified for sale as technical and food grade phosphoric acid. Chemical Initiatives is the largest supplier of purified phosphoric acid to the local market and has developed long standing supply relationships with the major local distributors and end users. Purified phosphoric acid is available in bulk as well as 40kg and 335kg plastic drums.

The site is accredited with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001 and is Halaal and Kosher certified.




Situated in Chlookop near Kempton Park, the Chloorkop plant is the Homecare business of Chemical Initiatives. The plant is designed to produce surfactants such as anionic active matter through Sulphonation of selected organic raw materials. These surfactants are used as raw materials in the toiletries, cosmetics, hygiene and personal care industries.

The sulphonation process consists of two free flow film reactors. One of the reactors is designed for the production of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) and the second reactor mainly produces Sodium Luareth Ether Sulphate (SLES).

The Chloorkop plant is committed to the highest standards of on operations, emissions and the environment and is proud to have ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHS18001; Responsible Care signatories with CAIA and a Member of RSPO.


Metswako Chemicals

Metswako Chemicals is an empowered subsidiary of Chemical Initiatives, offering a complete range of chemical management services to mines in Botswana. These extend to the procurement and safe logistics management of an extensive range of chemicals for mineral processing and effluent treatment applications, as well as transport route assessments and turnkey packages for the design and construction of chemical offloading and storage facilities.

Metswako Chemicals is also able to offer a fully outsourced Build, Own and Operate service in Botswana, as part of which the capital and risks are shared between Metswako and client.